Over seventy-years ago, a young man, with a rich background in the funeral profession dreamed of building a funeral home offering the finest possible funeral service at the lowest possible price.

Maytor H. McKinley was born and raised in the funeral business. He was the third generation of a family that had been in the business for over one hundred years. His father and grandfather had preceded him in the operation of funeral establishments in Northern Wisconsin and Northern Minnesota.

In 1933, Maytor H. McKinley sold his business interest in Wisconsin and Minnesota and moved to Los Angeles. In 1934 he became an employee of the L.F. Utter Company, which he eventually purchased and changed the name to Utter-McKinley Mortuaries. Over the next thirty years, Utter-McKinley established over eighteen funeral homes throughout Los Angeles County.

Since Mr. McKinley's death, his son, William J. McKinley has assumed ownership of the firm. In 1962, Utter-McKinley Mission Hills was built at the corner of San Fernando Mission Boulevard and Columbus Avenue, across from the San Fernando Mission Hills Cemetery. The mortuary business continues to remain active in the community, supporting local churches, service clubs and charities. Utter-McKinley is one of the few family-owned funeral homes still remaining in the valley today.

Utter-McKinley San Fernando Mission Mortuary was recently enlarged with the addition of a second chapel, to serve the many families seeking our services.